The Season has Begun

April 1st is here, we have jobs on the books and the process of bidding new jobs has begun. This is always a very exciting time of the year because we are looking forward to working on projects and we get to find out now what kind of projects we get to work on. We offer the very best in landscaping services and we will add value and beauty to your home.

1) Custom Concrete Curbing – Any color, beautiful stone textures, and a great design that we help design for you.

2) LED Landscape Lighting – Illuminating plants, stone, walls, and other important features of your home. High quality fixtures that are wired into your home at a great price.

3) Rock, Boulders, and Paths – The necessary back-fill after concrete curbing but also the addition of large 400 to 800 pound boulders to add something special to your rock beds. We also enjoy installing flagstone along walkways inside and outside of the curbing.

4) Plants, Trees, and Shrubs – Expertly designed to look good with everything noted above. Tying all the landscaping together and added brilliant greens and perfectly matched color to your home is important.

Contact us today! Michael can be reached at (605) 351-3121 or Denny at (605) 759-6343.

Thank you for visiting!