We are looking forward to seeing you!

Every Spring we like to post a little bit about how excited we are for the year. This Spring is no different. We are so incredibly excited and looking forward to working with you. We have a brand new, 20 foot long trailer that is ready to come to your neighborhood. Speaking of neighborhoods.

Neighborhoods where just about every home is wrapped in concrete is one of our favorite kinds. We would love to do your concrete curbing this year. Call us to schedule – we are booking up fast!

We also like to tell people about our LED lighting. As much as people love our concrete edging, we get SO many compliments on our LED landscape lighting. We hear that is because people did not realize how big of a difference it makes for your space. If your landscaping doesn’t light up like this at night, we can help. We use low voltage, LED landscape lighting on a transformer that uses a dusk/dawn sensor so they turn on and off automatically. They cost pennies a year to run.

Thank you for visiting!