Sioux Falls Concrete Curbing in 2022: Beautiful Stone Designs

The concrete curbing season in Sioux Falls has begun. This year we are introducing a whole bunch of new designs and creative looks. Stone looks for our concrete curbing will have a large variety of antique color mixtures, textures, join designs, heights, and irregularities to give a natural look. We are pricing these stone looks at unbelievable prices right now so request a bid and get your home done!


Thank you!

We had an amazing year and appreciate everyone who chose us for their decorative concrete edging. It was our busiest year ever and included adding several new designs, colors, and textures. We are scheduling jobs for the upcoming season and we are happy to visit with you at your home as long as the snow stays off the ground.


Scheduling for Spring 2022

First of all, Concrete Contours would like to sincerely thank everyone that has had us out to their home this year for bids and scheduling work. We are at that point in the season where the schedule is so full that we no longer can book for 2021 and we look forward to providing you a quote any time for work to be performed on Spring of 2022. Our list for next Spring gets long quickly so please have us out right away! Thank you!


New Textures Are Exciting!

Beautiful new textures are now available. We have added these to our website along with our entire collection of textures to choose from when we are designing your concrete. Every single home is unique because of primary color, antique color, primary texture, and supplemental textures and that is important to us. Fill out the contact form to get a hold of us!


Get Curbing Done THIS Season!

This is an exciting announcement! We are officially sharing that we are able to take on more jobs this year than previously anticipated. Thanks to all of your interest, we have dedicated more resources to our concrete curbing and are moving projects up in the schedule. We are still anticipating a very full year so new projects will have to be scheduled towards the end of the year but you can get concrete curbing THIS summer!

Don’t delay, message us for a bid so we can get you officially on the schedule.


Choose Concrete Contours

What sets us apart is our exceptional price for the quality and full-service business. We have several homeowners that choose us to do their concrete curbing every year. Some of these homeowners want us to do the curbing and the necessary river rock back-fill while others choose just to have us do the concrete curbing (opting to do the rock themselves). Whichever you choose, it is nice to have options!

Thank you for visiting and we look forward to hearing from you!


In the News

While we wait on this winter to be over, we wanted to share with you that we were in the news recently. A special ‘thank you’ to the Cutler Law Firm and Keloland Living for the invitation. It was a rewarding and enjoyable experience. You’ll first get to watch me (Michael) talk about some other business ventures I work on in between doing concrete before the video gets to Concrete Contours. We already have several jobs booked for Spring and for Summer. I say this every year and I really mean it… if you want to get on our schedule please let us know right away! We fill up incredibly fast and we would love to work with you!

Michael Woolheater (Co-Owner of Concrete Contours) discusses this business and more.

Thank you for visiting!


Creating Custom Stone Concrete Edging

We continue to put down more and more custom stone concrete edging. The process involves an integral colorant, our proprietary concrete curbing mix, extruding into the trenches we create, troweling and forming, colored release agent, and then the shaping process to create patterns and control joints. We would love the opportunity to look at your home with you and design something special.

Concrete Contours also specializes in low voltage, LED landscape lighting. We have installed more sets of lights this year than any other year. They illuminate all the right places in your landscaping to maximize your space during the other half of the day. Lights only cost pennies a year to run and we price them very reasonably. We look forward to the opportunity to bid your home.


Exciting News… Stoning!

Concrete Contours is proud to add a 𝑵𝑬𝑾 very unique look of 𝐒𝐓𝐎𝐍𝐄 𝐂𝐎𝐍𝐂𝐑𝐄𝐓𝐄 𝐄𝐃𝐆𝐈𝐍𝐆 to our products and services. This is a unique art of concrete curbing known as “stoning”. The method used by our business is a proprietary design process using tools custom made and 𝐎𝐍𝐋𝐘 available from our business! In addition, we have been industry leaders in design and are adding unique features to our curbing such as 𝗜𝗡𝗧𝗘𝗚𝗥𝗔𝗧𝗘𝗗 𝗣𝗟𝗔𝗡𝗧𝗘𝗥𝗦 for flowers and other plants! We can’t wait to work with you on your home.


Looking forward to seeing you this summer!

We have a FULL schedule with limited openings available. We are still entertaining some bids so please get a hold of us if you have a fun project. If you see us around, honk, drop off Gatorade, and stop and say ‘HI’. We are looking forward to all of our projects this summer and are already well into putting down new curbing this year.