Concrete Curbing

Concrete Contours is very proud to offer beautiful, decorative, concrete edging and design. We offer a custom made concrete curb mix that is consistent from our first foot to our last. Our concrete product is colored using pigment inside the concrete so it is colored throughout the concrete. Additionally, this concrete mix is stronger than the concrete used in sidewalks and driveways.

What sets us apart?

What sets us apart is our exceptional quality, ‘one price’ approach, and full-service business. Our exceptional quality is accomplished by our choice to use a premium concrete curb mix discussed above. We are very proud of our ‘one price’ approach which means we charge $10 per linear foot for our traditional concrete curbing and $14 per linear foot for our custom stone concrete curbing. That is ground preparation, any color we offer, a beautiful stone texture, and high gloss sealer included. Finally, we are full service. We have several homeowners that choose us to do their concrete curbing every year. Some of these homeowners want us to do the curbing and the necessary river rock back-fill while others choose just to have us do the concrete curbing (opting to do the rock themselves). Whichever you choose, it is nice to have options!

Traditional versus Custom stone

How does our traditional concrete curbing ($10 per linear foot) compare to our custom concrete curbing ($14 per linear foot)? Custom stone has deep impressions at control joints and throughout the decoration of the concrete. Traditional has simple control joints and a more simplistic texture on a smooth face. Here are some images to help explain.

Concrete Textures

Specializing in a natural stone look, Concrete Contours uses a variety of tools, many shown below, to design a unique curb for every single customer.

Concrete Colors

We offer a wide variety of concrete colors and we color the concrete integrally (throughout the entire curb). Please let us know what color you would like when scheduling your project. We do offer additional colors. If you are looking for something different, please let us know.

Please kindly note that color choices are presented as general references. There are many variables that could lead to slightly different coloring of the concrete (this applies to all concrete products and companies). The primary factors are environmental (heat, humidity, drying, time) and device displays (one phone screen or computer monitor can display a color slightly different from others). Please know that we do our very best to come as close to the color displayed as possible.

A look at more of our work

Please find some more examples of our work below and please let us know if you have any questions by contacting us directly. We look forward to hearing from you!

In all the years that we have been doing concrete curbing, we have always put a lot of emphasis on great curves and using them to our advantage to really make every project special and complimentary to the home.

Our process is thorough and we are experienced. We have experts in every part of the process from designing, mixing, and extruding, to troweling and sealing the final product. We could not be more proud of being a family business and all of our team members are either family members and owners or great friends of the family!

Edge and Re-seal Maintenance

Do you already have concrete edging from us or another company? Let us make it look brand new by professionally edging the curbing to ensure the grass and the front facing dirt is properly positions against the curb. We then apply a beautiful, gloss sealer to bring back all the original color and add depth and contrast. We charge $395 for this service up to several hundred feet.

Thank you for visiting. We look forward to working with you on your home!