Concrete Contours is located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and services Sioux Falls, Tea, Harrisburg, Brandon, Hartford, and surrounding communities. Our business was founded in 2012 as a father and son owned company when both family homes were wanting concrete curbing. After a LOT of research we found that the costs on product being offered was excessive and, as chronic “do it yourselfers”, we put the wheels in motion to install our own concrete edging. Little did we know that it was a classic case of something that looked WAY easier than it was.

Because of the incredible challenge we decided to learn everything about the practice of concrete curbing and are proud to say we have done miles of concrete curbing in Sioux Falls as well as received thorough professional training at a national level. All of this at a price that makes sense for our business AND for our clients!

We offer the best creative design and highest quality concrete edging in the area. Additionally, we offer complete turn-key service! Turn-key service means that we can also provide the necessary rock backfill following curbing installation as well as the required sprinkler system adjustments. We do not require our customers to hire other professionals at potentially higher prices.

We are extremely proud of being a family owned and operated business, we are proud of the growth in our business offerings, proud of the team we have built and call them family as well. We are so humbled by the referrals and repeat business that customers have given us. We are a business striving to listen to our customers wants and needs and give them an end product that exceeds their expectations. 

family owned and operated

Our process is thorough and we are experienced. We have experts in every part of the process from designing, mixing, and extruding, to troweling and sealing the final product. We could not be more proud of being a family business and all of our team members are either family members and owners or great friends of the family!

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